Why Should I visit Life?

That is a tough question, one that simply can’t and won't be answered in a short paragraph on this website or with philosophical or doctrinal opinion.

Here’s where we’ll start and what you need to know: Life Connections is built on the premise that there is a God and the Word of God is true. For some that are reading this that may be a given, but for many others that may be a difficult hurdle for you to jump through because of the world culture you’ve been exposed to. Pop culture, media, and educational institutions, as well as human philosophy, have taught us that there are no absolutes and that everything can, and must, be challenged. If you are beginning to desire or explore a life with Jesus, longing to have some questions answered about Jesus and are willing to begin to explore the possibility of a real God, then Life is a good place for you to start.

If you are continuing on your journey in Christ, have been transferred to the central Indiana area, looking to grow more in your relationship with God or desiring to be more involved in helping others who are exploring a relationship with Jesus Christ, we invite you to experience Life as well.

So, why visit Life? Because we believe Life is a great place to start, or continue, your Christian life whether you are exploring the possibility of God or simply longing for a deeper relationship with Jesus.