Kids Connection

When family values and morals truths are under attack, it is imperative that we do all we can to protect our children and instill values and morals that will carry them to successful lives in the 21st century. Life is committed to helping you accomplish this task.

Kids Connections is the Children's Ministry of Life and is a place specifically designed for children from 5 through 11. Children learn to worship God with progressive and energetic music, and are involved in activities designed to cement Biblical lessons, morals and principles. They will hear inspiring preaching on their level which challenges and motivates them to base their lives and decisions on Biblical principles and Christian values.

If your children are not currently attending a church then they are missing a tremendous part of their childhood education. We, as parents, are not to care only for their educational, physical and emotional needs, but also for their spiritual needs. Life invites you to build a better foundation for your children's future: a future with Biblical morals and principles.